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JUST SLEEP Design Difference

Dr Hall's JUST SLEEP mattress collection is designed to fit everyone’s comfort, needs and BUDGET. He created two mattress styles to choose from: THE PREMIUM (Latex and Coconut) and THE SELECT (Gel-Infused Memory Foam) all available in Twin, Full, Queen and King sizes and all available with different firmness levels to match your body size/type, preference and spinal needs.


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What really makes our mattresses unique is the two intuitive designs created by Dr Hall in his quest to put the perfect level of support along with comfort under his patients to not only help heal their spines more quickly, but also give them long term relief and lessen the chance of the recurrance of back pain.  He now brings his expertise and passion to the world after finding a manufacturer here in the United States that could manufacture the best blends of foam that he could find in the world coupled with the highest quality of  workmanship. Dr. Hall believes that a great mattress needs the perfect combination of synergistic foams for a highly consistent deep support blended with the perfect pillow top comfort.  The PREMIUM boasts a healthy combination of two premium plant based foam layers (Talalay latex and Coconut based topper) for spinal support and comfort supported by the perfect highly stable foam base to round out this perfect blend of materials. The SELECT is perfect on its own and Dr Hall brought this into his line to create a more economical choice for people around the world and give them the newest updated and ingenious form of the highly acclaimed memory foam that people have come to know as the standard in pressure relief and comfort, but with a TWIST!!  Technology has entered new heights to now incorporate a swirl GEL INFUSION that creates something that the old memory foam was lacking:  Resiliency.  Dr Hall's SELECT design still has the acclaimed pressure relief and the soft luscious quality of the "old" memory foam but now has raised to new standards through the creation of better SUPPORT.   Resiliency is in essence "push back", something that Dr Hall believes is imperative to the nightly support and maintenance of the healthly curvature of the spine.  The SELECT has the same great CertiPUR-US certified core base as the PREMIUM  but through the revolutionary new Gel-Infused Swirl Memory Foam, creates the perfect lower cost alternative, but still maintaining excellence in sleep science and the pursuit of optimal sleep.   Both designs are perfect in their own way and give you the ultimate in choice, whether you want to go with the outstanding support, pressure relief and temperature control of the highly breathable, supportive and comfortable PREMIUM design or the more economical and revolutionary technology of the Gel-Infusion Memory Foam, Dr Hall's wonderful collection of mattresses are all Made in America manufacturing with incredible and meticulous quality control gives you the perfect, unmatched comfort, support and breathability that you deserve in a mattress.  After all, you spend a third of your life sleeping! JUST SLEEP is dedicated to providing a solution that will give you a healthful and smart choice of mattresses.


Every mattress in Dr. Hall’s Premium collection has a combination of Talalay foam made here in America and an imported Italian Coconut foam top layer to reduce heat and give the perfect cloud-like pressure relief.  JUST SLEEP mattresses breathe and have excellent air flow and permeability; keeping your body at a neutral temperature that generally enhances one's overall sleep.  And, the Talalay foam provides you with 33% more pressure relief than memory foam!

5 Reasons to Choose a Just Sleep Mattress
JUST SLEEP Unique Tri-Foam ™


Our mattresses are uniquely made with Dr. Hall’s TriFoam  design for optimal support and comfort. 


  • BASE: Dr. Hall has used an ingenious proprietary combination of foams in the base for optimal base support and spinal alignment.

  • SUPPORT: The middle layer is made of supportive-luxury, non-toxic plant based Talalay Latex for premium support and “push-back.”

  • COMFORT: The top layer is an imported plant based Italian Coconut foam for amazing pressure relief, breathability and neutral temperature regulation.  


Dr. Hall is also proud of the fact that with JUST SLEEP, he is giving you a HEALTHY choice of mattresses and unlike other brands, the JUST SLEEP mattress does not use the typical unhealthy crude oil based memory foam that off-gases and produces heat next to your body. JUST SLEEP DIFFERENCE includes:


  • • All of the foams in the JUST SLEEP mattresses are either Oeko Tech and/or CertiPUR certified.

  • • All of the foams do not have any harmful gases, metals or toxic substances.  Dr Hall encourages all consumers to look-up and read about the multitude of ill-effects of memory foam products so you can make an educated choice of bedding solutions. 

  • • Use optimal plant based foams next to your body.
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JUST SLEEP™ mattress comfort and the choice of responsible and healthy living combine to truly Improve your Life through Better Sleep®.