After much research and testing, Dr. Hall finally perfected his exclusive Tri and Quadra Foam design that gives each JUST SLEEP mattress optimum comfort and support. JUST SLEEP mattresses combine synergistic foams blended with superior pillow top comfort for highly consistent deep support.

JUST SLEEP mattresses are available in PREMIUM and SELECT variants, each with their own innovative designs:


  • • Designed with four perfect foams, the "Quadra Foam Design".
  • • Top 2 layers, the Talalay Latex Support, and the Coconut Luxury Silk-like built-in topper both have Oeko Tex AND Certi-PUR US certification (no off-gassing, non-toxic, and no heavy metals, formaldehyde or toxic flame retardants). 
  • •The support layer is made of US-made Talalay Latex foam for gentle pushback and ultimate support
  • • The top layer is a cloud-like luxurious Coconut-based foam imported from Italy that is 200% more breathable than typical memory foam.
  • •  Two bottom support/base layers are both Certi-PUR US certified and highly durable
  • • Open-cell technology provides superior temperature control and sleeps much cooler than typical memory foam mattresses.
  • • Incredible pressure relief and support.  Absolutely the best mattress on the market.



  • • The gel-infused technologically advanced thick upper layer of comfort and support. This is a massive update in technology from the older generation "memory" foam
  • • Incorporates cutting-edge Gel Infusion technology along with a certified base and intermediate layers, ie., Tri-Foam Design
  • • Unlike the older generation memory foam, the Gel-infused Swirl Memory foam is highly-resilient and pushes back to maintain healthy spine curvature
  • • Amazing pressure relief and luscious quality
  • • CertiPUR-US certified
  • • Extraordinarily cost-effective and economical

**Both PREMIUM and SELECT variants come in various densities to accommodate your unique body type as well as your firmness preference. Choose among different comfort levels:

PREMIUM Comfort Levels

  • • Plush/Medium
  • • Medium/Firm

SELECT Comfort Levels

  • • Plush/Medium
  • • Medium/Firm

To match you with the right JUST SLEEP mattress, Dr. Hall has designed a chart at check out that takes into account your health, age, body type, spinal health, and comfort preference. The Plush/Medium is by far JUST SLEEP's most popular choice.

Finally, purchasing a JUST SLEEP mattress entitles you to an absolutely free, personal 10-minute consultation with Dr. Hall to discuss your sleep and help you discover the perfect JUST SLEEP mattress design for your lifestyle.


In the PREMIUM designthe "built-in topper" layer is the Coconut oil based bio-foam imported from Italy.  It is the first elastic foam with its technologically advanced unique material that has this unique breathable coconut foam.  It has an open cell molecular structure that increases circulation and is 200% more breathable than the classic memory foam to keep you sleep cooler during the hot summer nights.  It also yields a very low carbon footprint.  It is the perfect top layer to be closest to your body designed to create the smooth transitional pressure relief with it's silk-like clouds of heaven feel to reduce and dampen vibration from the highly supportive and necessary support layers below.  The coconut based product in the uppermost layer of the mattress foam has even been tested at the cosmetological centre of Ferrara University to be safe in contact with the skin, although there is the high quality moisture wicking mattress cover that envelopes the entire mattress.  The very unique and expensive Coconut Biofoam also has CATAS  durability certification that it is made according to EN 1957/00 rule. The test consists in passing for a 220 lb. (100 Kg) roller 30,000 times along the mattress surface, to test its duration in time without losing its resiliency.  This is a very important aspect of the quality of the foam as when you invest in your health, Dr. Hall wanted to create a mattress that would stand the test of time and exceed your expectations and be very durable for years and years of great sleep.

The second layer of the PREMIUM is of course the US made Talalay Latex which like the coconut based foam is Anti-microbial and Dust Mite Resistant, Oeko-Tec Certified for no off-gassing of VOCs and non-toxic. The Talalay latex is actually hypoallergenic, 33% more pressure relieving and 7X more breathable than memory foam.  Also, according to the Talalay Global website: “Cornell Indentation testing proves (Latex International) Talalay Latex is 20x more durable than leading Memory Foam”

The third and fourth layers are high resiliency (HR) conventional foams that have various densities for support and base stabilization. They are CertiPUR certified.

Both of the two upper layers are BOTH Oeko Tech and CertiPUR- US certified to not have any harmful gases (VOC's), metals, formaldehyde, flame retardants or other toxic substances.

A lot of the pain and discomfort that comes from sleeping is the result of poor breathability and pressure relief. The solution? Dr Hall has created the highly unique, ideal combination of American-made Talalay foam and imported Italian Coconut Foam.

This unique and signature blend selected by Dr Hall for his top mattress in his line gives the JUST SLEEP PREMIUM mattresses amazing permeability and airflow. Therefore, you get to sleep at the ideal temperature night after night.

Talalay Latex and Coconut Biofoam Mattress 5 Reasons to Choose a Just Sleep Mattress
JUST SLEEP's Unique Quadra-foam ™


JUST SLEEP PREMIUM mattresses are crafted based on Dr. Hall’s ground-breaking Quadra-Foam design. Your JUST SLEEP mattress comes in four parts:

  • BASE: JUST SLEEP mattresses use two different variable density and resilency layers of proprietary foam combination for ultimate longevity and base support and spinal alignment
  • SUPPORT: The intermediate layer of JUST SLEEP mattresses are constructed from non-toxic plant-based, supportive-luxury Talalay Latex for maximum pushback and support
  • COMFORT: The top layer of JUST SLEEP mattresses are made of imported, plant-based Italian Coconut foam for wonderful breathability, pressure relief, and temperature regulation


A lot of mattresses available today are from the old classic memory foams based on unhealthy crude oil. This type of foam produces often produces heat right next to your body and also can releasetoxic VOC off-gasses.

You’ll find no off gassing or toxic foam chemicals  in JUST SLEEP mattresses.

  • • All JUST SLEEP foams are either CertiPUR and/or Oeko Tech certified.
  • • JUST SLEEP foams have zero harmful metals, gases, or toxic substances.
  • • JUST SLEEP foams exclusively use plant-based foams near your body in the PREMIUM and

Dr. Hall encourages all consumers to research the negative effects of traditional memory foam products to help you make informed decisions in the search for the right bedding solution.


Made in America

The JUST SLEEP mattress collection is made in America. This means you’re getting first-rate mattresses that have undergone meticulous quality control for that unmatched breathability, support, and comfort.

The JUST SLEEP Difference

JUST SLEEP’s exclusive, cutting-edge designs are unlike anything you’ll find among online mattress selections today. Experience the difference— get a JUST SLEEP mattress today.

Best Memory Foam Mattress for Back Pain: A Look at the Breakthrough Design

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JUST SLEEP Design Difference

Sleeping on the best memory foam mattress for back pain is not a luxury; it’s supremely important for your health.

A mattress that’s too firm causes pain and misalignment by pushing on your sensitive pressure points. A mattress too soft causes you to spend the whole night sinking into the bed with poor posture which usually causes back pain. That’s not to mention the numerous consequences you get from low-quality sleep— stress, hypertension, compromised immune system, unstable moods, memory issues— the list is endless.

As a sleep and spine specialist for over 33 years, Dr. Hall knows all of this too well. He has treated more than 10,000 people for back and neck complaints and has seen first-hand what a poor mattress can do to the body. This inspired him to create two revolutionary mattresses that are customized for each sleeper and provide flawless temperature regulation, pressure relief, support, and comfort.

The result of 33 years of understanding sleep and the spine is his breakthrough in mattress design. You must experience the JUST SLEEP difference for yourself!

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