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Identical to our JUST SLEEP picnic blue, green and cream covering, this base serves to create a solid platform for your mattress and is available in either the 4 inch or 8 inch height. Can be used on the floor or with a metal or wooden frame. Shipping: Can only be picked up from West Los Angeles JUST SLEEP BEDS store or be delivered to your home in the Los Angeles area.

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FIVE unique reasons to choose a JUST SLEEP mattress

Intelligently Designed Mattresses for Your Best Night's Sleep Ever!

If you are not fully satisfied with your JUST SLEEP mattress, we will do one of two things: 1) Charge you $400 for an exchange of the same mattress line and size with a different firmness, or 3) Refund 100% of your payment minus a provision fee of $600 for a complete return. In either of the two options. We do ask you to keep your JUST SLEEP mattress for the entire 100 night trial period before commencing with any of the options as there is a natural break-in period will help your body to adjust to the mattress to achieve perfect synchronicity.

Our knowledgeable, experienced, and highly-trained customer service specialists are standing by to answer any comments or questions you might have during the 100-day trial period.


JUST SLEEP mattresses will cost you literally half of what you’ll pay for other high-end luxury mattress products. We are fortunate to be able to take out the commissioned “middleman” and have our manufacturer ship directly to you. We pass both of the above savings onto you.


We ship our JUST SLEEP “Premium” and our JUST SLEEP “Organic” anywhere in the contiguous US for FREE, using UPS or FEDEX ground shipping.

The JUST SLEEP “Ultimate” is eligible for FREE SHIPPING in the Los Angeles area. Due to the Ultimate’s 17” thickness, it cannot be boxed so needs to be delivered via truck without compression in its original state. In the LA area, we proudly utilize our white glove service to remove your old mattress (if you wish) and carry your new mattress to the room of your choice. We do this for free in the LA area whereas many companies charge well over $200 for the same service. Of course the Ultimate can be shipped flat anywhere in the contiguous US via ground transportation but the cost ranges from $300 to $800 dollars depending on which state it is being delivered. If outside LA area and interested in the ULTIMATE, please call 310-924-1954 for a shipping quote.

Bottom-line, in regards to the JS ULTIMATE, we needed to pack a full incredible top of the line hybrid system into 17 inches of heaven, combining the two-level coil system with the true Ultimate in mattress design featuring the Tencel topper, the three layers of latex, and the thick layer of organic wool to create this masterpiece in mattress design.


You sleep on your bed one-third of your life and much of the quality of your life depends on the quality of your sleep. Dr Hall, the founder and CEO of JUST SLEEP BEDS and PILLO1 states that the three most important things you can do to improve the quality of your life, both mentally and physically, is one: Get good, quality sleep- ranging from 7 to 8 hours per night for the average adult and 9 to 10 hours for children and teenagers. The second most important thing is a good diet that is rich in vegetables, fiber and protein and decrease sugars in our diets. The third is proper exercise and the fourth most important thing is a positive mental attitude that is nourished with kindness, and giving to others.

PROPER sleep begins with your mattress and is also dependent on your pillow and good sleep hygiene. Sleep definitely is the most important factor to improve the quality of your life and a great mattress has a direct positive impact on your quality of sleep.

JUSTSLEEP mattresses are specially designed to give you a good night’s sleep, reducing heat and improving circulation, reducing stress and strain on your spine and surrounding musculature and improve your overall quality of sleep. One of Dr Hall’s trademarked logos from years of being in the bedding industry is “Improving your life through Better Sleep™”. Ready to learn more? Contact us today by calling 310-924-1954 or send us an email via the link at the contact/support section below.


We realize there is a lot of competition out there and the majority are making inexpensive, poorly made mattresses and making them sound like they are top of the line. JUST SLEEP really suggests you compare and contrast the quality of the mattress you’re researching. To really drill down and compare, look at the four most important factors: 1) The materials used, i.e., types of foam and coverings. 2) Price. 3) See what the height of the mattress is (we do NOT suggest less than 12”) and 4) see how they are designed for spinal health, i.e., do they have variable zones for support and comfort.

In looking at the materials/foams used, a consistent sign of a cheap mattress with poor support, unhealthy off-gassing and very poor durability, is the primary use of polyurethane, an oil-based product that they use in cheap memory foam and other highly synthetic foams. Often, they have a decent looking cover and do some good marketing. Don't get pulled into the low pricing frenzy as those mattresses usually start breaking down and loose there support within the first year. The old saying is so true, "you get what you pay for"… Yes, it’s possible to get the best mattress in the industry without breaking the bank! Buy a JUST SLEEP mattress today!

5 Reasons to Choose a Just Sleep Mattress
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