Your new JUST SLEEP mattress is covered by a 20 year limited warranty!

Our mattress warranty gives you the following warranty but may vary from state to state.  Our warranty is fairly simple in that it covers any manufacturing or material defects (as noted below in further description) that cause the mattress to deteriorate or break down over the respective periods of time listed above with normal and intended bedding use.

What’s covered:   JUST SLEEP  mattresses are warranted against a sagging of greater than 1.5 inches.  The mattress must have been sold directly from JUST SLEEP, a subsidiary of Hall Innovations, LLC and sold to you directly from our store or website (the “original purchaser”) and/or from an authorized online or retail distributor as a new mattress that had not been previously opened and in the original packaging consistent with JUST SLEEP’s quality manufacturing but certainly not from a 3rd party (other than a qualified and confirmed JUST SLEEP dealer or distributor but JUST SLEEP will never cover a previously sold or used mattress, no matter what the perceived condition.  Any time the mattress exchanges hands (from one owner to the next) once it is delivered, the warranty is voided, i.e., the warranty is not transferrable.  You will need proof of purchase and will be responsible for the shipping costs of returning the mattress to our manufacturing warehouse.

What can negate or null warranty: The limited warranty requires that the mattress be treated properly devoid of abuse or neglect and be used for the sole purpose of sleeping and does not cover any use in a manner incompatible with the intended design.  We also require you to use a support base that is capable of handling the size mattress that you have ordered and that the support have a flat even surface to prevent any sagging or unequal weight bearing distribution of the mattress.

Is the cover also covered under warranty? Yes.  Our warranty also covers the mattress cover.  If there is a defect in the mattress cover due to workmanship or there is a defect in the actual  material, the warranty will apply to the cover itself however we will ask you to remove the cover and send that to our manufacturer for inspection.  The cover must not show any abnormal signs of abuse, cuts, stains, or other signs indicating that the cover was used in a manner other than consistent with simply covering your mattress.

Does the warranty cover change in perceived firmness or use with an adjustable bed? We have used the absolute best Latex available that we could find in the world. However, our warranty does not cover any perceived change by the user of hardness or softening over time other than what can be demonstrated by the physical sagging of foam greater than 1.5 inches as noted above.  Our warranty  does cover the use on an adjustable bed as long as the support remains even and the bed does not angle upward greater than 45 degrees from horizontal.

What are the steps to replace your mattress of material? In any event that JUST SLEEP accepts liability of the mattress defects in materials or workmanship, JUST SLEEP will either replace or repair the defective part or perhaps even the entire mattress however may use a slightly different color or fabric or foam that will still be consistent with the original mattress specification that you had purchased. You will be required for the costs incurred in shipping the mattress back to our manufacturing facility and we will be responsible for the cost of shipping your new mattress, cover or part to you at the original location from which the mattress was sent during and consistent with the original proof of purchase in the original order.


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