The Science and Technology Behind the Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain and Side Sleeper

If you’re one of more than 31 million Americans who struggle with back pain, then it’s probably been a long time since you’ve woken up refreshed and well-rested. Sleep and spine experts have determined that mattress quality is a big factor in back pain. Switching to the best mattress for lower back pain and side sleeper can have a monumental effect on the overall quality of sleep and pain in the lower back.

The Link Between Mattress and Back Pain

Back pain can be triggered by sleeping on the wrong mattress. Lack of adequate support leads to strained muscles and chronic poor sleeping postures both which  disrupt the alignment of the spine.

Another factor in choosing a mattress  is how well your individual preference matches the type and firmness of the mattress you use. Contrary to popular opinion, not all mattresses are created equal and there is not one mattress firmness that works for everyone. In fact, there are many very important factors such as age, weight, body fat, spinal health, sleeping position and general preference that should be considered. For instance, side sleepers require a different type of back support and comfort than back sleepers and a person 120 lbs requires a different firmness than a person 230 lbs.

A Sleep and Spine Expert Takes on Back Pain

As a Doctor with over 33-years experience as a  spine and sleep specialist and who was voted the Top California Chiropractor in California for the past three years I have seen first-hand just how much damage a poor mattress can cause to the body and sleep quality. This inspired me to design the ultimate mattress that combines personalized support,  pressure relief and temperature regulation

Years of research and experimentation gave birth to the ground-breaking JUST SLEEP mattresses with the innovative Tri and Quadra foam design.

Doctor-Designed JUST SLEEP Mattresses

To find the best mattress for lower back pain sufferers, you must sift through the gimmicks and sales talk and get right down the science and technology.

Our JUST SLEEP Premium Mattresses are made of FOUR layers of foam instead of just one. Each layer performs a unique role:

TOPLAYER: Imported Italian Coconut Bio-Foam

  • Technologically advanced breathable, pressure relieving and anti-vibrational coconut based foam with open-air circulation
  • 200% more breathable than classic memory foam to keep you cool and comfortable even on the hottest summer nights
  • Very low carbon footprint
  • Tested safe for skin contact at the Cosmetology Centre of the University of Ferrara
  • CATAS durability certified for ultra-durability and resilience that will last for many years


SECOND LAYER: Talalay Latex

Most latex mattresses in the market make use of cheaper “Dunlop” latex. JUST SLEEP mattresses however exclusively use a technologically advanced “Talalay” latex that is made in the US, froze and heated to high temperatures for consistency, made from the latex derived from the sap of a rubber tree for the ultimate support and durability and washed 5 times to cleanse and create the ultimate in latex manufacturing.  This allows it to be:

  • Dust mite resistant
  • Anti-microbial
  • OEKO-Tec certified for no off-gassing of VOCs
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 3X more pressure relieving than memory foam
  • 7X more breathable than memory foam
  • 20x more durable than memory foam


THIRD & FOURTH LAYERS: High-resiliency Conventional Foams

  • Variable densities and thickness for base stabilization and support
  • CertiPUR certified
  • Free from metals, harmful gasses, and toxic substances

Together, these four layers in JUST SLEEP Premium mattresses provide unprecedented support and comfort that no other mattress in the market can offer.

JUST SLEEP Mattresses: No More Waking Up in Pain

How much faith do we have in the power of JUST SLEEP mattresses? Enjoy a 100-day Risk-Free Trial. If at any time you’re dissatisfied with your JUST SLEEP mattress, you can return it, no questions asked.

Based on many, many 5-Star Reviews, we are excited for you to see the JUST SLEEP difference!  We look forward to sending you the perfect mattress for the ultimate in support and comfort directly to your front door with FREE shipping in the continental US or for a small fee to HI, AK and Canada. You’ll soon be experiencing better sleep with the best foam mattress for back pain available today.

To help you find the perfect JUST SLEEP mattress for your situation, every purchase includes a free, 10-minute personal phone consultation with me.

The reason I have created the JUST SLEEP mattress line is to take away the guess work of buying a mattress and create the best mattress in the world for all my patients and customers around the world.  The best suggestion I have for my readers in your quest of searching for the right mattress:  Buy my revolutionary new mattress design today as:

“We’ve Got the REST Covered”™


Dr. Raymond Hall, DC
Inventor, Author, Sleep  and Spine Expert and practicing Chiropractic Physician

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