When picking out your scientifically-designed JUST SLEEP Premium or Select mattress, one of the first considerations is how plush or firm you want it to be. Sounds simple, right? Not when you’re looking for the best mattress for lower back.

Drawing upon 30 years of experience as a sleep specialist, I’d like to help you understand a bit more about mattress comfort levels, how it differs from support, and ultimately, help you pick out the ideal JUST SLEEP mattress to help you achieve optimum sleep quality and health.


Many people believe that a firm mattress is a supportive mattress, but that’s not necessarily true. Your unique shape, size, body weight, sleeping style, and overall health will determine how supportive a mattress feels. Therefore, a firm mattress that relieves back pain for one person may worsen the pain for another.

Clearly, the best mattress for lower back pain sufferers relies on much more than firmness.

After years of research, I finally came up with the ground-breaking Tri and Quadra Foam Design of our JUST SLEEP Premium and SELECT mattresses. Each layer of the Quadra Foam design in the JUST SLEEP Premium mattress serves a precise, scientific purpose:

  • Top layer – luxurious, cloud-like, and silky Coconut-based foam imported from Italy for 200% more breathability and unmatched temperature control
  • Support layer – superior US-made Talalay Latex that gently follows spine curvature and encourages proper alignment
  • Two base foams – Certi-PUR certified high-resiliency base foams that will last for many years

This exclusive Tri and Quadra foam design guarantee maximum support from the JUST SLEEP Premium and Select line, making them the absolute best mattress for lower back pain sufferers.


In addition to the exclusive Tri and Quadra Foam design, our JUST SLEEP Premium and Select mattresses come in various densities to accommodate your firmness preference and unique body type. Choose from:

PREMIUM Comfort Levels

  • Plush/Medium
  • Medium/Firm

SELECT Comfort Levels

  • Plush/Medium
  • Medium/Firm


While the JUST SLEEP Plush/Medium mattress is by far our most popular choice, take note that your unique sleeping style has a significant impact on comfort level. For instance:

  • Side sleepers benefit from plusher mattresses that provide concentrated pressure on their hips, shoulders, and outside of the foot and knee.
  • Stomach sleepers may prefer a medium to firm mattress to reduce the chances of arching in the back and spine.
  • Back sleepers can thrive on most comfort levels, as long as the mattress is not extremely firm or soft, disrupting the neutral alignment of the spine.


Besides sleeping style, I have also designed a chart that takes into consideration your body type, health, spinal health, age, and comfort preferences as a guide to the best mattress for lower back pain side sleeper. After purchasing, you will also receive a free, personal 10-minute consultation with me so we could talk at length about your sleep experience and needs.

Take your time and enjoy the 100-Night, Risk-Free Trial that comes with every JUST SLEEP Premium or Select mattress. All you need to do is JUST SLEEP – We’ve Got the REST covered!

Dr. Raymond Hall, DC

Inventor, Author, Sleep and Spine Expert, and practicing Chiropractic Physician

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