As a practicing Chiropractic Physician and a sleep specialist for more than 30 years, I have witnessed first-hand how the right mattress can change an individual’s life. Choosing the best mattress for lower back pain can not only ease or prevent chronic back pain—it can also improve other essential aspects of your life. I’d like to help you understand how by discussing the significance of the mattress’s prime objective—to facilitate sleep.


Sleep plays a significant role in an individual’s well-being. Unfortunately, many people take it for granted. Most individuals only get less than six hours of sleep to meet the demands of their occupation. Others do so as a lifestyle choice. If this sounds familiar, then I recommend that you start altering your daily routine and focus more on getting enough sleep. Failure to get the recommended hours of sleep every day will impair your quality of life. Let’s discuss how sleep affects your well-being.

  • Sleep is responsible for memory consolidation. This is why you have a hard time recalling, understanding, and retaining information when you’re sleep deprived. When you sleep, your mind processes your new experiences and stores them into your memory.The longer you sleep, the more time your brain will have to manage your new memories. However, sleeping can be a problem for many people. After years of research and practice, I’ve found that using the best mattress for lower back pain is one of the best ways to improve sleep quality and memory retention. Choosing the right mattress will help you achieve your best sleep.
  • Sleep enhances your cognitive performance. Aside from consolidating and reinforcing your memories, sleep boosts your ability to perceive and restructure new information, thereby enhancing your creativity. It also sharpens your awareness and improves your ability to focus. All of these are crucial to accomplishing day-to-day tasks.
  • Sleep is crucial to maintaining your physiological health. A good night’s sleep does wonders for your stamina and physical performance. It can also:

• Prevent premature aging
• Strengthen your immune system
• Help regulate your metabolism and maintain a healthy weight
• Reduce and manage your stress levels
• Curb heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and other conditions linked to inflammation
• Minimize the risk of developing age-related neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s and dementia

As a sleep specialist, I recommend getting at least seven hours of sleep every day to experience the full effect of these health benefits. In addition, invest in the best mattress for lower back pain.


Even if you’re not experiencing sleep-disrupting back discomfort, I highly recommend using a mattress that’s designed for back pain. Here’s why.

  • It will give your body even support. The mattress accommodates the contours of your body without putting pressure on the areas in contact with it.
  • It will prevent body aches. With conventional mattresses, tension buildup is common. Back sleepers experience it in their lumbar areas while side sleepers experience it on their hips, shoulders, heels, and spine.
  • It will reduce the transfer of motion. The material of mattresses designed for back sufferers nullifies motion, which prevents sleep disruption—an excellent advantage for people who share beds.

Using a mattress designed for backache sufferers offers these advantages. Unfortunately, the most common variation, the memory foam, has some drawbacks. Due to its material, even the best memory foam mattress for back pain can get hot and give off or accumulate unpleasant odors.

I’ve seen many of my patients use it with varying degrees of success. This is what motivated me to invent the JUST SLEEP mattresses.


JUST SLEEP mattresses come equipped with sleep-focused technology to accommodate your unique body type and preferences. I refined the innovative Tri and Quadra Foam design and made them the key elements of our JUST SLEEP Select and Premium mattresses. It enabled our mattresses to provide uninterrupted quality sleep with:

  • Excellent pressure relief
  • Optimum comfort
  • Posture improvement
  • Long-term durability
  • Superior breathability
  • Superb ergonomic design

Invest in the best mattress for lower back and improve your life. Every purchase of JUST SLEEP mattress includes a free, 10-minute consultation with me, plus a 100-night risk-free trial and more. Trust JUST SLEEP, and we’ve got the REST covered!

Dr. Raymond Hall, DC
Inventor, Author, Sleep and Spine Expert, and practicing Chiropractic Physician

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