Dr Hall’s 5 Tips for Pressure and Trigger Point Relief 

Pressure and trigger points are considered sensitive points on your body that are typically in contact with your sitting or lying surface that create a pain response.  They seem to appear in various  parts of your body however are most notable where you have areas of boney protuberances such as your hips, shoulders, around your spine or even as you sit on your  “sit bones”, aka, ischial tuberosities.

You can also have pressure points where you have areas of metabolic by-product build-up such as areas that are over-worked or that have been injured.  Common chemicals that create an overabundance of metabolic build-up are Serotonin, histamines, phosphorus, bradykinins, lactic acid and substance P.  A build-up of any or all of these substances can increase the sensitivity of the tissue.

So what can be done about these pesky little areas of irritation that can not only be irritating but can also lead to poor sleep?

Dr Hall’s Top Five Tips:

  1. Find out the cause and work at reducing the activity that creates the pressure points.  For example, if you are sitting at the computer all day long and you find yourself having pain in your upper back, shoulders and neck, try and move your computer up towards eye level, lower your seat, rest your arms and elbows on the table pushing your keyboard away from you and try not to sit for over 30-45 minutes without changing your position.
  2. Put some moist heat and gentle pressure on the area to improve circulation and reduce pain.
  3. Gently stretch the area as stretching muscles that are sore and tight often relieves some tension and pain which often result in the localized “pressure point” area.
  4. Sleep on the best foam possible.  In both of my pillows as well as the new JUST SLEEP mattress line, I have chosen to provide the best Talalay latex foam in the world that has been shown to be 33% more pressure relieving than “memory foam” and seven times more breathable.  I have also added a very expensive Coconut foam -imported from Italy as a top pressure relieving foam for all of my JUST SLEEP mattresses.  The plant based coconut foam is not only hugely pressure relieving but has also been certified with a “Transpiration” Test.  This is another certification of the highly premium uppermost layer of your JUST SLEEP mattress, the Coconut based layer that establishes the air-permeability degree (breathability) of the material.  You will receive the ultimate in pressure point relief as well as breathability of the foam, both qualities that will help improve oxygen and overall circulation to the surrounding tissue.
  5. Use light fitting cloths and have your spouse, children or friend rub/massage the area to increase circulation and reduce pain.


Find out how JUST SLEEP beds can help you get a better night’s sleep.

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