Health Risks of Poor Sleep

by Dr Raymond Hall, DC

Sleep is essential to your memory, healing, emotions and hormone regulations. It can affect
some of the most important aspects of our lives including our relationships, our job performance,
our emotional stability, our athletic performance and even our sex drive. Sleep is like the computer that controls engine of your car, giving you the ability for your body to be able to idle, generate horsepower and accelerate. The reason sleep is important is that it controls and modulates the brain, the master control tower of our body.

So when we get poor sleep, our brains simply don’t function correctly. Our brains are slow to
respond to stimuli, quick to anger and be confused; and poor at regulating hormone production
throughout our body. The results are often frustrating and debilitating. We often are perplexed at
why we are getting sick, why we are just not thinking right and forgetting things, why we are
depressed and not loving life and why we are not healing as quickly as we used to.

Join the estimated 60 million Americans that can’t find a solution to insomnia which
disproportionately effects women as well as people over 65. Do you find yourself awaking feeling
very drowsy like you need to nod off for a few minutes throughout the day or perhaps you can’t
get out of bed in the morning? Or, do you find yourself yawning about 3 or 4 times per hour
during the day or perhaps loosing concentration and feeling like you have attention deficit disorder?

More than likely, you have insomnia.  Perhaps your sleep is frequently disturbed by ambient noise of cars on the street or your partner snooring waking you up 3 or 4 times per night.  There are others that have respiratory sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).  And of course, there is the common problem of of waking up due to pain in your neck, back or other parts of your body. Yes with insomnia or poor interupted sleep, you need to take some postitive action steps to live a longer and create a more productive life for yourself.

The bottom line is that sleep can truly be your best friend. But if we are not getting adequate
sleep, we are setting ourselves up for chronic physical and emotional stress and possibly disease. Frequently,
conditions such as hypertension, obesity, strokes, respiratory illness, immune deficiency, inflammatory conditions, and even cancers… are linked to poor sleep.

Read and learn more about some simple action steps that I will outline in several blogs to come to better your sleep and you will find that you will increase your chances dramatically of living a long, healthy and prosperous life!


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